Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Bad News For Beefy Women

Plowing through some articles on lipolysis while fasted I came upon this bad news for women.

It seems in Obese women, being fasted for 20 hours does not increase Lipolysis.  The Scientist

conjectures that this may be an effect of "hyposomatotropism", basically a fancy word for not 

producing  growth hormone. I think there must be some way around this snag in intermittent 

fasting for women.  My guess would be to try it over a 16 week period and see if the rate of lipolysis 

picks up (it takes a lot longer than that to become obese right).  Perhaps using different herbs and 

amino acids while fasting could help as well.  Think Carnitine, Leucine and Green Tea (Or perhaps 

a few shots of espresso!).  Definitely doing some fasted workouts too.

Here is the Abstract:
Blunted lipolytic response to fasting in abdominally obese women

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