Friday, September 21, 2012

Carbs and Sugar still the bad guys

Of course, we have known carbohydrate and sugars dirty little secret for a long time now.  This article kind of puts some of the scientific mechanisms eloquently:

Killer Carbs

I think it is very well known in the health blog community, but yeah, you are much better off getting your carbs and sugar from natural sources.  I love mine in the form of sweet potatoes and grapefruits. One of the coolest effects of Intermittent Fasting is how it regulates your blood sugar.  This doesn't mean you should have a chocolate ice cream orgy everynight, but you definitely can feel a little less of the impact when you go on a desert binge.  And dammit to hell, what fun is life without a desert binge every once in a while (Or Pizza for that matter).

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