Friday, September 21, 2012

What's the hurry?

So, I've noticed in the last month that my weight loss has just completely stalled. I've been bouncing around the 185-193 range. Intermittent fasting be damned, cannot seem to rid myself of the last layer of belly fat, keeping back the 8 pack.

In the big scheme of things I don't see this as a problem. Weight loss, like weight gain, should be a slow process.  Intermittent fasting is not meant to be a crash diet.  It is meant to be a lifestyle.  That's why 10 months down the road I am still able to continue doing it. I know once you reach the 10-15% bodyfat, your body tends to guard the last resources a bit more.

I wonder if there is anything I should be doing? Perhaps incorporating more walking or biking.  Maybe more calories on a refeed day?  Maybe less calories on non workout days?  You see there is no one out there who can tell me what I need to do.  We must listen to our own bodies, we have to experiment over time and see what works best.  There is no need to make drastic changes, even if I am only losing a pound or month (Even if I gained 2 pounds this month).  At some point it stops being about weight loss, and much more about body composition.

As I've lost weight over the year, things have become a lot more apparent, like how bad my posture really is.  How low my muscle tone is compared to some of the awesome bloggers out there (Martin Berkhan from Leangains or Mark Sisson from Mark's daily apple). It's not like I am new too weight lifting or body toning. I've been active in some form since I was a teenager...

In any case, it gives me motivation to keep up the good fight.  I definitely feel that intermittent fasting has given me a very important tool.  I know how to keep from gaining too much weight.  In addition the daily break from being in the FEED cycle not only gives my digestive cycle a break, but also my brain.

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