Saturday, September 15, 2012

Green Tea And Fatty Asses

Green tea, in my mind represents a mystical beverage. It holds a place in my mind, similar to Tai Chi on a misty ancient mountain in China.  Part beverage, part medicine, plus it has a great kick of caffeine.  Most of the time I will still choose coffee before tea, but when I'm feeling sick, or get on a health kick I try to rev up my green tea intake.

Maybe it is just a placebo effect (or caffeine), but it does alter the way I feel. The nice thing about Green Tea is that it is well researched.

This particular study was illuminating.  Researchers found that on average FAT OXIDATION was 17% higher during exercise for subjects amped up on Green Tea Extract! That is substantial in my book.  Add that curve to all the extra Lipolysis going on in during fasted training and you have yourself a triple threat!

Study On Green Tea

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