Friday, September 28, 2012

The trials and tribulations of intermittent fasting

IF'ing is generally easy, sometimes too easy, so naturally you can get bored.  Coming from a financial perspective boring is good. You want your long term investments to be safe, reliable, even predictable. I imagine a bad investment is like crash dieting. You throw all your money at a new exciting stock the same way a crash dieter throws themselves on the latest diet. You go up, you go down, but you never really gain health (or wealth). If you are wise you seek out the best mixture of stocks and mutual funds, real estate and tax deferred savings programs.

In health seek out the gold standards.  Exercise regularly.  Be careful of extremes, marathons and crossfit are awesome, but they will wear you down. Practice Intermittent Fasting. The easiest way to give your body a break, and a chance to get on with some autophagy. Stay away from long term fasting.  If you are doing it daily maybe 16-18 hrs.  Incorporate healthy foods like green tea and kale. Reduce your sugar and refined foods intake. Practice Tai Chi or Yoga or Meditation. Brush and floss.

I know, it sounds so mundane.  My guess is the long term benefits will give you an abundance of health, just like safe, boring investments give you an abundance of wealth.

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